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The PKK and Car Bomb Attacks

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This study proposes an analytical view to better understand the dynamics of bomb-laden vehicle attacks carried out by the terrorist organization Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). This report evaluates the tactical need, target analysis, types of explosives, and the methods of PKK’s vehicle bomb attacks, and the interrelationship of such attacks. To this end, a total of 35 vehicle bomb attacks committed by the PKK between August 2, 2015 and August 25, 2016 have been investigated, alongside the types of targets and frequency of attacks, the cities under attack, and the timeframes of the attacks.

The first section discusses when and how the PKK commits vehicle bomb attacks. The second section looks at 35 attacks carried out in the period of August 2, 2015 to August 25, 2016. The PKK attacks are examined in detail under several diverse headings in the third section, followed by an analysis of the explosives used in the attacks. Subsequently, the dynamics of the attacks are discussed and possible parameters to prevent future PKK attacks are recommended in the final section. The study also draws attention to how society at large is affected by the diversity of PKK attacks and the recurrence of certain types of attacks.

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